Railway Representations



PD Representacoes-Ferroviarias Faiveley1FAIVELEY TRANSPORT     Brake systems, Doors, Pantographs, Air conditioning

Develops its activity in services and components manufacturer of Brakes & Safety, Access & Mobility and Energy & Confort for the majority of railway vehicles such as Light Rail Vehicle, Metro, Freight, High Speed, Locomotive and Regional Train.





PD Representacoes-Ferroviarias Fbo1

FBO     “Vebeo” fittings & Pneumatic Equipment 

Components manufacturer and electro-pneumatic controlled system provider. thanks to Vebeo fittings homologation, FBO is a major component supplier with application for railway and industrial activities. 





PD Representacoes-Ferroviarias IcerRail1ICER RAIL     Disc brake pads & Brake blocks 

Develops and produces organic brake pads & blocks for the majority of railway vehicles. Uses the state of the art in friction technology to archive the international requirements regarding performance and safety, bringing to its customers the best braking solutions.






PD Representacoes-Ferroviarias Teknorail1TEKNORAIL SYSTEMS     Projects & Engineering 

Proposes and implements complete rail projects: planning, engineering, design, structures, stations, rolling stock. Participates in all process, from design to renewal of cars, adapting to the needs of each client and each project.